Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 Modem Selected by Multiple Mobile Operators Worldwide for 5G New Air Mobile Test

The world's first announced, standards-based trial using a 5G modem chip for mobile devices, including smartphones.

Qualcomm Incorporated, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, today announced that the Qualcomm Snapdragon X50 5G modem has been selected by several wireless network operators worldwide for on-site OTA 5G new air interface (NR) in the mmWave band below 6 GHz Move the test. AT & T, BT, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom, Deutsche Telekom, KDDI, KT, LG Uplus, NTT DOCOMO, Orange, SingTel, SK Telecom, Sprint, Telstra, TIM, Verizon, Release 15 5G new air interface standard test. These new 5G air-ground mobile trials will incorporate Qualcomm Technologies' 5G mobile test platform and smartphone reference design, which integrate the Snapdragon X50 chipset and optimize 5G technology for the power and size requirements of smartphones while maintaining compatibility with 4G LTE interoperability and coexistence. These forthcoming tests highlight the fact that Qualcomm Technologies' 5G new air-to-ground mobility solutions are ready for smartphones and are designed to commercialize standards-compliant 5G new air interface products and services for the coming year.

Qualcomm Technologies will continue to lead the mobile industry through its 5G mobile chipset product and ecosystem-based 5G collaboration. To illustrate this point, the company plans to show the Snapdragon X50 5G modems at gigabytes of downloads per second at this year's World Mobile Congress in Barcelona (MWC) and emphasize the new use cases and enhanced user experience that 5G technology will be able to support. In addition, Qualcomm Technologies will demonstrate system interworking based on the new 5G air interface standard with several infrastructure vendors using our advanced prototyping systems. Based on the above steady progress, we will launch a pilot 5G trial of new air interfaces with leading operators in 2018 / early 2019 until commercial deployments of 5G new air interface networks and multi-mode smartphones scheduled to be implemented in 2019 are supported.

Christiamon, president of Qualcomm Incorporated, said: "2018 is an important year for Qualcomm Technologies and the entire mobile industry and we will implement the agreed 5G new air interface specification." These trials show that we are working with the world Operators work together to make 5G a reality by supporting growth and innovation in the mobile industry by supporting multiple commercial releases expected in 2019. With our success and leadership in leading 3G, 4G LTE and RF front end, Qualcomm Technologies is well-positioned to provide the multi-gigabit, multimode products needed for worldwide 5G deployments. "

Carrier trials will start in 2018 and will make use of the spectrum below 6 GHz and the millimeter-wave band, which is crucial to enabling ubiquitous coverage and increased network capacity. In addition, to meet the commercial schedule in the first half of 2019, these 5G new air port mobility trials will employ the Snapdragon X50 5G modem, allowing operators to prepare for the official deployment of 5G commercial networks to help OEMs deliver 5G smartphones, And test and develop in a wide range of use cases and deployment scenarios.

Global operators share the following ideas for upcoming trials:

AT & T

Igal Elbaz, Senior Vice President of Wireless Network Architecture & Design, AT & T, said: "The results from these standards-based trials will help us move forward with our plan to begin commercial 5G mobile services later this year and we are very excited to participate These are the global tests that accelerate the acceleration of the 3GPP standard. "

British Telecom

Howard Watson, Chief Technology and Information Officer at BT, said: "As we move forward to a exciting new phase of 5G technology, we are excited to work with Qualcomm Technologies to test and validate the first generation of 5G mobile technology, a 5G commercial Is a key milestone in Qualcomm Technologies' ongoing commitment to innovative technologies. "

China Telecom

"China Telecom and the world's leading network equipment and chip companies work closely together to promote the further maturity of the 5G industrial chain, and actively layout 5G, and in 5 cities in 2017 to open a pilot 5G, while China Telecom will jointly vertical and innovative enterprises to carry out 5G Technology and Industry Applications Research and Experimentation China Telecom is pleased to continue to work closely with its partners including Qualcomm Technologies to contribute to the 5G industry. "

China Mobile

"China Mobile will launch a 5G scale trial in the second half of 2018 to promote the commercial capability of end-to-end products and prepare for the scale deployment of commercial networks. In 2019, a number of cross-industry 5G service demonstration applications will be launched for commercial services China Mobile is pleased to be able to conduct scale trials using Qualcomm Technologies' SA and NSA-enabled chips.China Mobile will work with industrial partners such as Qualcomm Technologies to create end-to-end 5G commercial systems for high performance and diversified services, Continue to promote the 5G industry and market development in order to realize the vision of '4G changing lives and 5G changing society'.

China Unicom

"China Unicom has a long history of working with Qualcomm Technologies and has a good relationship from CDMA to 3G to 4G. In the upcoming 5G test, China Unicom looks forward to working more closely with Qualcomm Technologies to deploy a Snapdragon X50 5G modem based on 3GPP Release 15 5G new air interface standards such as testing, China Unicom 5G business laid a solid foundation. "

Germany Telecom

Arash Ashouriha, Senior Vice President, Technology Innovation, Deutsche Telekom, said: "Deutsche Telekom is a reliable partner in the industry that promotes a mature and robust 5G ecosystem and we look forward to working with Qualcomm Technologies to meet the new 5G air interface standards starting in 2018 Field trials to pave the way for early 5G commercialization and to ensure that we bring all the benefits of 5G services to our customers. "

** KDDI **

Yoshiaki Uchida, Senior Management Executive and Board Member, Technical Dept., KDDI, said: "We are delighted to be working with Qualcomm Technologies to launch the new 5G mobile pilot with their Snapdragon X50 5G air interface modem and we will continue to work with Qualcomm Technologies , To explore the potential of 5G new air interface technology through field experiments. "

Korean telecom company

Seo, Chang-Seok, executive vice president and head of network strategy at KT, said: "Qualcomm Technologies and KT continue to work together to promote innovation and success in the mobile communications business, and South Korea Telecom believes the advanced 5G Technology will become an important part of the 5G era.Korea Telecom is looking forward to Snapdragon X50 5G new air interface modem chipset can help 5G new air interface network and commercial release of mobile terminals. "

LG Uplus

Choi, Joosik, Executive Vice President and Head of 5G Strategic Planning at LG Uplus, said: "We are excited to be working with Qualcomm Technologies on 5G technology and in Korea we have worked closely on all cellular technologies including CDMA, EV- DO and the recent 4G LTE. Our goal with Qualcomm Technologies on OTA 5G's new air interface mobile trials is to prepare for the successful deployment and commercialization of 5G by 2019. "


Arnaud Vamparys, Senior Vice President, Orange Wireless Networks, said: "Orange is delighted to partner with Qualcomm Technologies on the 5G roadmap, and it is very important that the 5G roll out to be supported by a large, open ecosystem." As NGMN trials and Orange, the initiator of the test project, supports key industry collaborations to deliver 3GPP-compliant trials and we are devoted to deploying 5G as we believe the forthcoming multiservice connectivity has tremendous potential to cover a wide range of Use cases and applications. "

Singapore Telecom

Mark Chong, CTO of SingTel, said: "SingTel will launch a new 5G air interface test in 2018. This is an important milestone for our journey toward 5G and we will work with chip manufacturers, including Qualcomm Technologies, to test 5G Enhanced Mobile Broadband capabilities for superior video streaming and other high bandwidth applications. "

SK Telecom

Park Jin-hyo, executive vice president and head of ICT R & D at SK Telecom, said: "We are excited to work closely with Qualcomm Technologies to lead the 5G path through its Snapdragon X50 5G air interface modem series. Based on years of collaboration We look forward to renewing our close partnership, successfully implementing the 5G new air interface test in 2018 and expanding the 5G commercial and 5G ecosystems by 2019. "


Sprint Chief Technology Officer, Dr. John Saw, said: "Sprint is excited to help lead the next generation of wireless networking to take global innovation and progress to the next level. We will work with Qualcomm Technologies, end-manufacturers and our RAN vendors Made great strides to launch the first true 5G mobile network in the United States in the first half of 2019. "


Channa Seneviratne, Executive Director of Network and Infrastructure Engineering at Telstra, said: "We are delighted to be working with Qualcomm Technologies as a part of building a global ecosystem to accelerate the next generation of mobile technology, and Teelstra believes the potential of 5G will not only provide greater network capacity With faster movement rates, there will also be plenty of new opportunities to envelop - everything from smart cities to driverless cars to augmented reality - and in 2018 we'll be putting our network and a series of 5G trials To ensure that Australia is still at the forefront of the industry in 5G mobile technology. "


Giovanni Ferigo, CTO at TIM, said: "We are going to be a 5G turning point in 2018 and we'll be moving from lab testing to field testing. We are thrilled to be working with Qualcomm Technologies as a trusted independent partner to leverage their 5G R & D investment to achieve 5G commercial These activities will provide us with the opportunity to test the 5G in addition to the initial promise of the actual ability.This is a key player, including Qualcomm Technologies, as well as the Snapdragon X50 5G new air interface modem series Product launches, and we actively communicated with vertical industry partners to test a variety of scenario use cases, giving us an opportunity to test the technical features of 5G in the field and start developing the 5G market. "


Luke Ibbetson, Head of R & D at Vodafone Group, said: "We are excited to be working with Qualcomm Technologies on mobile terminals supported by the Snapdragon X50 5G new air interface modem family that meets the global 5G new air interface standard. When ready, verify the 5G network performance. "


Ed Chan, SVP and Chief Technology Architect, Verizon Networks and Technologies, said: "Verizon is a 5G deployment leader in the United States and will work with Qualcomm Technologies to drive new technologies and user experiences. For our loyal customers, we will Together for the future fixed and 5G new empty mobile wireless network laid the foundation. "

The first commercially available 5G smartphones and networks using Snapdragon X50 5G air interface modems are expected to be available in 2019.